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This project is a collection of utility functions I have used in a few different projects, pulled together to they are easily reusable in future projects.

This collection is not:

  • Cohesive. It is mish-mash of domains, the only linking thread is that I have used them in multiple places.
  • Comprehesive. For each domain, I have not listed every possible useful function, just the ones I want to reuse.
  • Fully tested. It is useful to be able to "dump" functions here to re-use, and come back and rigorously test later on.

This functions in this collection should (but do not yet always) adheres to these goals:

  • Functions should be small in scope.
  • Validity of parameters is the responsibility of the caller.
  • Avoid throwing errors.
  • Avoid dependencies.
  • Where possible, avoid creating unnecessary work for the garbage collector.

To do list

  • Standardise on storing data (colours, vectors, matrices) as arrays (rather than named objects).
  • More tests.
  • Autogenerate docs.
  • ND array including: Populate, foreach, copy.
  • Collections with GroupBy.