Web Design

I have been creating websites since my early teens, and as well as running a personal blog I have been involved in numerous other projects.


UKFT.net is the website I created for the gaming clan I run with a friend. The website includes information about our servers, an active forum as well as ways for people to contact us or donate towards server maintenance costs. Below are some technical details about how the site was made:

  • Design:
    In this project I made use of the Blueprint CSS framework to structure the layout. This allowed me to focus on designing a stylish aesthetic using my own CSS styles.
  • Script Integration:
    The website makes use of a few small scripts, some add functionality while others create a richer design. The image scroller on the homepage is a JQuery plugin which I modified to fit the design. At the bottom of the homepage I use PHP to display recent forum posts. We use the PHPBB software for our forums.

Nigel Coveney PhotographyNigel Coveney Photography

NigelCoveneyPhotography.com (no longer available) and it’s sister site BoxedRound.com are websites I created for my Dad’s photography business. For these projects I began by speaking to him about what visual style and functionality he needed. After going through some examples and a few draft designs we ended up with a very clean design that shows his work off well.

  • Design:
    In this project I built my design around the 960 grid system. Using my own CSS I was able to create a simplistic design. The title font is Open Sans Condensed from Google’s Font API.
  • Script Integration
    The homepage’s image slideshow is was implemented using a JQuery plugin. The Gallery pages use Lightbox to let users browse the photos.


Nixwax.com (no longer available) is a UK based record label. I was asked to help with their website after meeting one of the staff at a music festival. They had a designer but limited experience with web development, so my role was to take the given design and produce the HTML and CSS. This project was exclusively co-ordinated via e-mail.


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