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3 Thing Game

Heres the results of the second time entering the 3 Thing Game Competition. I’m pretty pleased with the way the game turned out, especially that we were able to get 2 player split screen working 😀



My website has been down recently for a week or so, and I’m not really sure why. I originally had hosting a guy I knew as reflect, who was a regular on a forum I regularly used. This was a pretty good set up. I didn’t need anything special, I’m pretty sure I’ve always been on the lowest grade hosting plan. From what I can work out, the company moved/rebranded/was sold/whatever to some other people called Harilda, which was fine. I had to use a different URL to access my control panel, but other than that the only change was the name on top of my bill.

Either Harilda were reselling for these Super Duper Media Group people, or they’ve been absorbed by them, but from what I can work out Super Duper Media Group was where my stuff was eventually hosted. I’m not sure if it was a by-product of being handed around between so many companies, but I think I was forgotten about. I can’t remember the last time I was asked for payment on a subscription, I stayed within the limits of my plan and didn’t need to speak to them for help with my account so it wouldn’t surprise me if a mistake had been made somewhere and records of my account had been lost.

This was fine, as long as my hosting was still up I was happy. At one point I did send an email to Harilda and SDMG (I didn’t know where to address my message so sent it to every relevant email address I could find for both companies) asking about mapping my account to a different domain name, but got no response.

The problem came about recently when the hosting plan was cut off completely about a week ago. I’m not really sure why, maybe they were spring cleaning their servers and found all my files in a dusty heap round the back. I guess on one hand I can’t complain. I’m fairly sure that i was getting a free ride for around a year. On the other hand, them deleting everything without giving me a backup is pretty annoying. Having no notice emailed to me was pretty annoying.  Not receiving email through me address was pretty annoying. I could try and speak to them, but their website is just a holding page at the moment and previous attempts to email them have been pretty fruitless. For now I’ve just moved over to, because it does the job and is damn cheap.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to put too much effort into restoring old content. Maybe if i get bored enough…