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Quadrilactic is a small game project I have recently completed, you can check it out at

Quadrilactic Icon

Bounce, jump and platform through space as everyone’s favorite polygon. Quadrilactic is a simple browser based game about a quadrilateral that has gone intergalactic.

Its written in TypeScript, uses HTML canvas to render to and uses Grunt for the compilation pipeline. The project is open source and the source code can be found at

Quadrilactic Menu

Quadrilactic Menu

Now that the project is finished I figure it would be a good idea to take a look at how the project went.

I kept the scope of the game pretty limited. There is only really a couple of moving parts to the game and the interactions aren’t very complex. On the plus side this allowed me to actually get it to a complete state unlike the many other game projects I have started before. Despite this it still took about 3 months (going by GitHub commits) to get to this stage which could possibly have been shortened by using some third party libraries.

Quadrilactic Gameplay

Quadrilactic Gameplay

Another issue to possibly address in the next game is building some interest in people playing it by posting in forum threads and keeping a development log. I think the game is fun to play and the feedback I have received has mostly agreed however despite this not a huge number of people have played the game, probably down to a lack of promotion.

More Quadrilactic Gameplay

More Quadrilactic Gameplay

Finally with regards to the technology I found TypeScript and Canvas to be very good tools for creating the game quickly without getting bogged down too much in the graphical presentation. One downside is that I found it slightly limited in terms of the graphical effects I could produce in Canvas in 2D mode.

The Next Game

I have ideas and am going to begin my next game programming project soon. Learning from Quadrilactic I will try and do the following things:

  • Continue to favour making something fast rather than worrying too much about code quality as it is the best way for me to make significant progress on these projects.
  • Refactor code out of my Quadrilactic project to make future development quicker and easier.
  • Find communities where I can post my development log and help build interest in my next game.
  • Explore WebGL to allow for more interesting graphical effects.